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New to web hosting?

If you don't know a lot about the internet besides how to browse, it might be daunting as you pursue having your own website. The trick is not to panic, and do as much research as possible.

Remember that all sites are hosted by someone, whether they are a smaller business like us (Silverline Web Solutions), or a bigger company like O2, they all pay for their space on a regular basis, in the same way you'd use to pay for your broadband. To help you along the way to feeling confident in getting your own, here are a few of the faux pas that those who aren't in the know fall into. If you still require help with choosing web hosting, simply contact us for support. If you have a broadband question, please contact o2.

Free Hosting

It isn't recommended that you go with a free host, especially if the website is for your business. This is for a number of reasons:

  - Free hosting can be a major security risk, not only to you, but for those who visit your website. What if they were to pick up a virus from your site? They wouldn't return.

  - Signing up with a free host allows them to post spam advertisements such as banners all over your site. And you would have no control over which ones appear or the content.

  - Your domain name will not be punchy, clear or relevant to the topics discussed on the site. If you have a DIY business for example, you don't want your site address to be: You want it to tell the visitor what the site is about before they even click on it. It won't seem professional.

  - The company who hosts your free site can and most likely will sell your e-mail address to other companies.

Asking questions

When we buy things we are unfamiliar with, some shy away from asking questions for fear of seeming silly Don't.

  - That is precisely what Customer Support services are for. From Customer Forums to manuals, the support is available to you from the moment you buy, so take advantage of it.

  - This support can be for if you are worried, or have a general query about the site. When you buy space, you are also gaining support.



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